Level 3: High Performing Organisations

Cafédirect has pioneered the fair trade market in the UK and is the UK’s largest fair trade hot drinks company working with producers all over the world. The organisation is based in London and Social Innovation have been working with the team for over three years across a range of projects, all of which have the same focus: to create a profitable future that is rewarding and meaningful for all of its stakeholders and in particular for the Cafédirect team themselves.

Work has enabled them to build an understanding and insight into their stakeholders, examining key relationships across the Cafédirect partnerships and networks both internally and externally; focusing on:

  • Strengthening collaboration toward increased creativity
  • Developing relationship trust and impact overall performance
  • Building a more productive, creative and collaborative approach
  • Coaching them to extend their team and leadership skills and capability
  • Enabling them to further put their principles into practice
  • Encouraging them to celebrate their successes

“Social Innovation have become part of the fabric of Cafédirect, working as a partner, coaching our leaders, developing our vision and building Social Capital across our network of suppliers. They are helping us activate our gold standard values with all our stakeholders, ensuring that we live and breathe our purpose that ”Good Business makes Business Sense”
Sylvie Barr Head of Marketing Cafédirect