We promised to update you with what inspires and influences us – January has been a busy month. We left the UK on Christmas day and flew off to the beautiful city of Cusco in Peru known by most for hosting the Inca Trail and the impressive Macchu Picchu mountain area. This was to be the base of our Tefl course (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) for the next 5 weeks.

Our work is all about helping people to learn and get the best for them and their environment, be that an organisation, business or just for them as an individual – our focus is to try to bring meaning to people’s lives in whatever form that may take.

We do this via top class facilitation, coaching, and mentoring. Teaching skills are a great complement to these so on one front this gave us additional skills to complement our portfolio with student teaching and the study of learning and teaching theory. Whilst on the other hand it equips us with an additional skill that will enable us to continue working with organisations in developing countries on a volunteer basis. It’s still about Social Capital, skill and capacity building for others in order for them to learn to help themselves. Will we shift to teaching now? Not immediately – it’s a skill that works with what we already do but when the right opportunity arises we’ll think about taking it. More »