We based ourselves at a small hotel and group of apartments that were set up by a Dutch woman called Jolanda Van den Berg who took a one way trip to Cusco and subsequently adopted 12 street kids. To fund them she set up a scheme which resulted in the set up and running of two hotels and four apartments. The Ninos Hotels are an example of a great and inspiring organisation created from a driving need – the welfare of disadvantaged kids in Cusco and working from a business perspective but with a clearly held belief in the welfare of the kids and therefore a meaningful purpose that transcended bottom line pressures.

This is a business model that really works because of its owner's core principles and values. Check out their web site www.ninoshotel.com the story is amazing and if you feel like giving that would be good too.

Yes of course we could have gone to London or Oxford to do our Tefl training but which would you choose being immersed in South American culture or London rain – you take your pick…enjoy the gallery…

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