We work with a wide range of organisations helping them re ignite their Social Capital. This means we help create cultures that have happy people doing meaningful jobs. Because they are happy, they feel part of what you are doing and contribute quality to your organisation, enabling it to flourish and prosper.

We have proven experience, a unique insight and approach, and a range of tools and techniques that deliver practical business results.

“People come out of these workshops feeling so much more excited about their work. They find more meaning and purpose in it, and as a consequence are happier and much more productive. They call in sick less often, they come to work earlier in the morning, and the ideas they produce are much stronger”
(Harvard Business Review article “Radical Change The Quiet Way” October 2001)

“You encourage companies to review things and take a good look at themselves, then help to positively change the way they think, behave and operate. A socialising management consultancy”.
(Louse Leadbetter co founder honey pr)

“..as employees begin to wake up to the possibility of having a deeper relationship with their work, they will migrate to companies that will foster it”..
(PW in People Management article “Soul Traders” December 1998)